The Biohack Thyroid Recovery Process

Despite seeing doctors and other health care practitioners, many hypothyroid patients continue to experience hypothyroid symptoms. I help clients suffering from hypothyroidism regain their health, lose weight, improve their mood and have more energy and vitality.

The Thyroid Biohack Recovery Process

Session 1

Understanding how your thyroid works and lab results

• Understanding your symptoms

• Understanding your labs

• Recommended labs

• Discussing your medications (if applicable)

Session 2

12 Possible Things that are Preventing Your Thyroid from Working Optimally

1.Medications (wrong thyroid medications; other medications with negative impact) 2.Metabolism slowing/chronic restrictive diet 3.The Gut: Digestive Disorders/Gut Flora/Antibiotics  4.Chronic Infections (bacteria, parasites, viruses) 5.Environmental Toxins 6.Stress and Emotional Toxicity 7.Allergies and sensitivities 8.Inflammation 9.Sugar and simple carbs 10.Industrial food (nutrient deficiencies) 11.Imbalanced Hormones 12.Poor Sleep quality

Session 3

Diet and Nutrition

• Suggested eliminations

• Suggested diet and nutritional practices

• Eating for your blood type

• Metabolic flexibility as a lifestyle

Session 4

Stress and Your Thyroid

• Understanding the impact of your stress levels on your thyroid health

• Techniques to manage stress

Session 5

5th Chakra and Your Thyroid

• Finding your voice and learning about the 5th Chakra

• Changing limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs

• Resources to support new beliefs

Session 6

Letting go of food addictions and other unhealthy habits

• Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) to release food addictions and other unhealthy habits

• Creating strategies to sustain new habits

Session 7

Suggested Supplements and More Information about Nutrition

• Infrared sauna

Session 8


• Exercise program for those with fatigue

• HIIT—is it right for you?

• Cold therapy

• Infrared Saunas

• Essential Oils

• Lymph Drainage

• Finding the right approach for your body

Session 9

Sleep Hygiene

• Nighttime routine

• What’s in your bedroom?

• Finding deep, restorative sleep

Session 10

Check in/Status Update:

• reward gains and wins

• possibly recalibrate and tweak action steps

Session 11

Finding additional Support

• Other tests and labs

• Finding the right doctor

Session 12

• Wrap up and conclusion

• Sustaining new life style

• Program review and feedback

After clients work with me in my 90 day program, they lose weight, improve their mood, confidence and energy level–finally living more fully and vibrantly.