5 Step “Optimize Your Wellness” Coaching Program

I help people live well.
I help people break through their emotional and physical challenges to find their inner strength and power so they can become their most powerful, fittest and authentic selves. 

The 5 Step Coaching Program (This program is highly customizable and not a strict linear approach.)

  1. Discover and Clarify
    First, I will listen to your needs and challenges with a free Clarity Session (617-513-5219). Together we clarify your goals, vision and direction–what you want your body and life to look like.
    We will also identify hidden blockages and limiting beliefs. The first session will reveal where we should begin our focus–the physical, nutritional, mental, emotional, environmental or spiritual pillar of wellness. All pillars can be addressed eventually. *Download The 6 Pillars of Wellness to get a visual of what you need to focus on for yourself.
  2. Heal, Believe in the Possibility and Become Self-Empowered
    I will coach you to learn how to master your mindset and your psychology. I will help you eliminate your limiting beliefs and emotional blockages by uncovering them and releasing them through a modality called EFT or tapping. This will lead to greater self-empowerment and greater ease in taking action to attain your goals.
  3. Declutter Your Brain and Your Space
    I will help you declutter your mind of useless or excessive information. And I will teach critical thinking, problem solving and discernment when is comes to wellness so you can take care of yourself optimally for the rest of your life. I will help you optimize your environment and manage your time by suggesting tools, plans, resources and methodologies to achieve your goals. You will learn how to streamline and automate your daily life so you can have more time to be your authentic self and live well.
  4. Upgrade and Up-Level
    I will coach you to upgrade your skills and knowledge so that you will have greater success in achieving and maintaining your goals. I will provide you the latest data and research, in easy to understand terms, how to improve your nutrition and your immune system, your exercise program and your sleep hygiene. 
  5. Take Action and Succeed
    I will help you strategize your action plan and I will provide accountability and support so you can execute your plan. I will always be there for you so YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS FASTER!